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THE MINISTRY - The History

At the heart of Elder Keyes has always been a desire to reach out to those in the community and outside of church to point them back to Christ. In 2017, God begin to deal with Elder Keyes to write the vision and make it plain. An opportunity was presented to him, to start a weekly radio broadcast, and thus from this, Ryan Keyes Evangelistic Ministries was formed and officially created. Since that time, the ministry has become incorporated and achieved non-profit status as it seeks to reach out to reach the masses, men of every birth  by lifting up the name of Jesus! We are committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and devoted to serving God's people. 

The History



Evangelist Ryan Keyes is a passionate and yielded servant in the Kingdom of God. Committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and devoted to serving God’s people is the catalyst which propels his ministry and sets the foundation of his life. Just as John the Baptist was the voice crying in the wilderness, so is this one of thunder boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this lost and dying world. He operates as an Evangelist, Prophet and Teacher encouraging others to fulfill their God-given purpose and Kingdom Assignment.

 Elder Ryan B. Keyes 
National Evangelist

Evangelist Ryan Keyes was reared in a Christian home and taught the principles of Holiness and the oracles of God by his devout parents. It was during his youth that he accepted Christ as his personal savior and was filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost. He attended East Carolina University and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Education. In addition he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the COGIC Academy of Greater NC Jurisdiction in 2014, receiving additional leadership, administrative and biblical training in ministry.

He serves faithfully on the local, district, jurisdictional and national level of the Church Of God In Christ in several capacities as a yielded and willing servant. He has been under the pastoral tutelage of Bishop Leroy Woolard his entire life! In his service to the Body of Christ he leads many entities of ministry, but Evangelism is where his heart lies most. In addition to being a faithful and humble servant at his local church, Ryan founded and operates an evangelistic outreach ministry, that is designed to reach the lost, rescue the perishing, help the hurting and minister the love of Jesus Christ through service in the church and community.



An accomplished young man of God who works full-time & travels extensively as a minister and evangelist is a devoted father, loving husband and diligent laborer in the Body of Christ. He is humble and faithful to God and his church family. His humility stems from his love for God. In all that he does he takes no credit for the things God is continuously doing in his life. He lives by the principle 'for we walk by faith and not by sight' and boldly walks in his Kingdom Assignment as he declares daily "​You were built to endure, built to overcome and built for victory, because in the end, we win!”


Ryan is a devoted father to Langston and loving husband to Lady Jen, and dedicated to lovingly leading his family as Christ instructed men to do. 

The Man


Mission Statement

We have committed to enthusiastically and effectively spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ by prophetically evangelizing a lost world and seeking to encourage, expand and equip believers everywhere to fulfill their Kingdom Assignment. 

Vision Statement

Prophetically encouraging believers everywhere to live by faith, fulfill their assignment and minister to a lost and dying world that needs total deliverance for the total man. Committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and devoted to serving God's people.


Celebrating 3 Years of Consistent Ministry, Outreach, and Evangelism.


“Committed to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Devoted to serving God’s people” ~ Elder Ryan Keyes

The Mission
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